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Commitment to deadlines, clean and thought-through programming is the hallmark of my solutions, for which I draw upon a wide selection of technologies.

I am a extrovert and curios developer, whom appreciates the knowledge of others and passing on knowledge to others.

The quality of my work is the main priority. The deliverable must be solid and maintainable. To that end, I have continuously involved myself with test-driven development. A product that forms from specification must be challenged against that specification through thorough tests.

I have a natural way of seeing a solution from a customers perspective, solutions which are often pragmatic and therefore easy to 'sell'.

My knowledge of an array of technologies allows me to choose with well-founded conclusions. I am of the opinion that choosing or omitting and end to a problem must be argued for.


Januar 2009 - now()IT-developer / partner - Axapoint

At Axapoint I am primarily working on technical implementation of our products.

Involved areas of expertise include jQuery, CSS, XHTML, Crossbowser problematikker, WCAG, Selenium, J2EE, Tomcat, Jetty, Eclipse.

April 2010 - Juni 2011Freelance Frontend Architect - Maersk Line

The strategy for Maersk Line is to create a whole new accommodating web interface to revolutionize the, otherwise traditional, container industry.

For that purpose they needed a frontend architect to mold a framework at the leading edge of web development.

Involved areas of expertise include jQuery, CSS, XHTML, Crossbowser issues, WCAG, Selenium, J2EE, WebLogic.

Sep 2009 - April 2010Freelance developer - Berlingske Media

I was hired to do frontend infrastructure and performance optimization on existing sites.

As the first task i reduced the CPU load of the javascript on the frontend of BT.dk by 75%, for elements Berlingske can control.

I was involved with relaucnhing Business.dk, where I was primarily responsible for the frontend.

In the process I developed a javascript framework to assist the vision of reusable components across Berlingske sites.

Used technologies include: jQuery, JSON, PHP, Drupal, CSS, HTML and Crossbrowser issues.

Jul 2008 - Maj 2009Freelance developer - Odense Kommune KompetenceCenter IT

The original task was to develop a component that transparently handled historical organizational data across SAS tables.

From there it grew to involve a GUI for the organizational data and a webservice layer to administrate data.

Furthermore I was involved in the architecture of the internal platform and I also assisted with web services for other systems.

The chosen solution is a combination of a plain Java backend, AXIS for webservices and a GUI based on Wicket running on WebSphere and Tomcat.

Apr 2008 - Jul 2008Freelance developer - CSC

CSC asked BEA for assistance to help finish a portal part of a delivery for Skat (danish IRS). Therefore I was subcontracted through BEA to help both implement the solution, but also to do some QA.

The involved technologies were: WebLogic Portal, Beehive NetUI, J2EE, Selenium

Sep 2007 - Mar 2008Freelance developer - TDC

I September 2007 I started my career as a freelancer at TDC. The assignment was to migrate an existing self-service portal from a Struts application in Tomcat to a portal application on the BEA WebLogic server. My primary work was with portlets and the underlying framework, which was very ambitious, because it solved some of the big issues with portal applications. Problems such as back/forward, bookmarkability and separation of business and programming. I used Canoo WebTest and Selenium to run regression tests.

The involved technologies were: WebLogic Portal, Beehive NetUi, J2EE

Apr 2007 - Sep 2007Application Developer - eSoft Systems

At eSoft I was hired to develop a system to ease the workflow for their booking department and image editors in Vietnam. From the beginning I participated with the role of an architect. The project model was based in SCRUM and test-driven development.

The involved technologies were: Eclipse RCP, CVS and Java together with PHP and MySql.

Nov 2006 - Apr 2007QA Software Developer - APC

At APC I was hired as a QA developer to ensure the quality of their latest project 'Capacity and Change Management'. The task was mainly solved by automatic tests.

The project model was SCRUM. With short sprints, doing QA was quite challenging.

The involved technologies were: Eclipse RCP, Java and SVN.

Jan 2005 - Nov 2006Systemdeveloper - Bankdata

After 4-5 months of exclusively developing COBOL applications on the mainframe, a need for portlet developers arose, and I took the opportunity.

I was involved with everything from complex design to concrete implementation.

The involved technologies were: J2EE, EJB, SOAP, WebSphere Portal Server, Java and Struts.



I have experience with programming anything from small stand-alone applications to big enterprise projects. It is in my nature to involve myself in all aspects of a solution and to take on the most complex tasks. Of operation systems I have equal experience with Windows and UNIX.


Area Experience Description
Java 8 years Java is the language I have practiced the most. I have developed everything from distributed Swing applications to bigger J2EE projects.
J2EE 7 years This is my main area of expertise.
WebSphere 4 years I have both administered and developed for WebSphere.
WebLogic 4 years Within WebLogic I have mostly worked with the Portal Server, but I do have a lot of experience with deployment and administering in general on the Administration server.
Portlet development 4 years With portlets, my experience varies from small look-up portlets to larger workflow oriented portlets. I have developed a lot on both WebSphere and WebLogic
MVC frameworks 4 years On the varies J2EE applications I have developed, I have intimate knowledge of many of the MVC frameworks, counting Struts, JSF, NetUI, Wicket and more.
Python 3 years Python I have used for webdevelopment and minor tasks.
JavaScript 6 years I have a great deal of experience with JavaScript and related technologies like AJAX and JSON. Within JS frameworks I have mostly used jQuery
jQuery 5 years jQuery is the framework I constantly utilize when available. I hjave developed many plugins for it and it is usually the basis for any components I create.
Drupal 1 year I have limited insight into Drupal, but of Drupal development I have good experience with theming, although I have also created simple modules.
CSS 6 years CSS has been considered a minor aspect of web applications, but in the modern web app, understanding CSS selectors can be crucial, when designing an efficient HTML document.
HTML 8 years I ofcourse have a lot of experience with HTML. I prefer Strict XHTML, because it renders better across browsers.
JUnit, JMock 6 years Through testdriven development, I have become very familiar with these frameworks.
COBOL 1 year I have written COBOL applications of verying complexity. COBOL is not my strongest point, but I know and understand the language.
SQL 4 years I have used SQL for all kinds of purposes in my work with DB2 at Bankdata and in my work with eSoft's business layer. Ihave done datawarehouse extractions and larger queries for clean-up and reports.
Django 1 year I have made some web applications using this progressive framework.
XML 8 years I have used XML for many purposes, among others for webservices in J2EE applications. Furthermore I have worked witg XSL for manipulation XML using XPATH.
PHP 3 years I have experience with PHP from several position and feel quite comfortable with it.


Application Experience Description
Eclipse 8 years Eclipse is my IDE of choice. At APC and eSoft I developed plugins for Eclipse RCP, which has given me a deep understanding of the application. Furthermore I have experimented with a wide range of additional plugins.
Aptana 3 years Aptana is the Eclipse build I use mostly for general purpose web development and PHP.
RAD - Rational application developer 2 years For WebSphere, this is the primary tool I've used.
BEA WorkShop 3 years BEA's workshop is a decent tool, but you need some insight to make it work fully to your advantage.
Selenium 3 years I have used Selenium intensely when developing web applications, though mostly on my own applications.
CICS 1 year I have limited experience programming for CICS, but I have used this mainframe a lot for look-up and testing.
SVN 6 years This is my favourite version control system and the one I feel most at home with..
CVS 5 years I've used this at several positions.

Certificates / Courses


Maersk Line IT, General Manager
Andreas Meier

Maersk Line, Assistant General Manager
Rune Jensen

Odense Kommune, IT-Consultant
Michael Breuning

Bankdata, Department manager
Søren Frank

eSoft, CSO
Dorthe Frandsen

TDC, projectmanager
Karsten Revsbech

Anders Brandt

Michael Nielsen